As a kid I was always fascinated by video games, and knew I wanted to make them myself one day. However it was long after the do-it-yourself days of the Commodore, and long before I had an internet connection. Since I knew so little about computers I treated them like magic. At some point I got an older computer for myself, but it was when I have gotten my own laptop that I started to develop games.
At this point in time I knew that I wanted to make games for a living, and once I was accepted as a student at NHTV, Breda, The Netherlands, my skillset skyrocketed, and each month I could see myself improving.

During my school career, I became invested in multiple aspects of video game programming. It sounds silly to dedicate yourself to a single thing, would it not become boring? So far my focus has been Unreal Engine 4, and some lower level C++ programming. Sadly I did not have the opportunity to work with all components in a video game, but I have managed to dabble in the following topics:

Currently I am looking for an internship in Europe, as a programmer, or a personal project to focus on for half a year.

Contact and Links

hiddbreakevanderkooijbreak@breakgHi tharmail.com