Hey There!

My name is Hidde van der Kooij, and I am a video game programmer. I am a student at NHTV in Breda, The Netherlands, and looking for an internship.
Following this curriculum has allowed me to work together with great people you would never have met outside of game development. As a result I am ready to go into the world and gain experience in actual companies.
My passion lies with games that treat the player with respect, see the player as a part of the world, not of the game.

Till now I have not had the opportunity to specialize, I have chosen to be diverse, and have dabbled in the following topics:



Screenshot of KABOUNCE

The competitive, multiplayer pinball game where you control the ball.

My part in this project is UI programming. This is a wonderful opportunity to work in a very proficient environment whilst learning more about Unreal Engine 4 that I had no prior experience of.

Link: www.kabouncegame.com


The Apartment

Screenshot of The Apartment

The Apartment is a VR title in which the player is on a stake out, taking clues from events that happen outside, and recording evidense using a camera.

My task in the project was to implement the shutters, and to implement a save system that would be ready for a wide variety of uses.


Project Abby

Screenshot of Project Abby

Explore the life of Jacob in a narrative adventure that tells a story that changes depending on what part of his life the player focuses on.

For this project I was the only programmer on the team, there was a designer that wanted to learn programming, who did small jobs. My mission was to create the first person player experience with object interation, game loop, branching narrative, and ambient audio.



The Apartment - Blinds

Screenshot of the blinds

These objects would be placed in the level, and feature both as a method of closing the outside world whilst loading, and look outside without people noticing. It was originally designed to support two hands, but could have more hands in case the user wants to stick the entire camera in the blinds.


Gridbrawler - Decal baking

Screenshot of decals, half of them are baked into the floor

In the game I toss quads with textures around, and when they land on the floor they bounce until coming to a complete halt. I then update the texture data in RAM. After a bunch of quads are processed, I commit the textures to video RAM, and delete the quads.


Shadertoy - Raymarching

Screenshot of a raymarched blob

Shadertoy and Raymarching ways for me to create cool stuff. It allows for geometry we are not used to seeing in video games. Demonstrating raymarching to artists I am familiar with breaks their minds in no-time.
I used this tool to experiment with shapes, rendering, soft shadowing, and color spaces. More on the last one later. I think this can be best summized in a bunch of images.